Social Media- Monitoring for P&M

5_ways_social_media_monitoring_can_improve_roi_in_lead_generationAfter learning about social media monitoring tools this week, I believe that Park and Madison can really benefit from gaining the information that these tools can provide. The tool that would work best for Park and Madison would be one that tracks the traffic on all social media sites and how effective it is leading up to purchases made by customers online. Yes, Park and Madison’s main business come from in store sales, but I would like to see how much traffic is driven from online promotions. Tactics that I am looking for can be found through the social media-monitoring tool called sprout social.

I believe that sprout social would be the most beneficial to Park and Madison because it aligns with what I am striving for by creating this social media plan. Yes, it may be pricey, but I believe this is something Park and Madison can afford in their budget and that will be benefit them in the long run.

I do believe with all of the research and ideas I have formed for Park and Madison to grow their company has led to an extremely successful social media plan. I would change a few things based on what I have learned after I established these ideas though. Overall, I believe if Park and Madison took into consideration some of these changes they could make to their business, that they can only go up from where they are now!


Park and Madison Boutique: Instagram ad’s


I feel that the most efficient platform for Park and Madison to place an ad is Instagram. I chose Instagram because I think it is the best way to target college women and a great way to also showcase their clothing. I would create an ad that is extremely appealing and will interest people to check out what Park and Madison has to offer. Some things I would put on the ad is the logo, details about their products, designers P&M carries, two store locations, store hours, and something about how it was rated one of the top boutiques in Morgantown. I would use also add how if you sign up for email you can get 20% off your next purchase. I believe some of these ideas are the best ways to get people into your store.

I do believe that having ads on social media could really benefit Park and Madison. Social media is the easiest way to target young women and really get your company out there. Park and Madison needs to start placing ads on all social media platforms because I know it could really help them out. The company is still growing, but with the help of appealing ads, in store promotions, and a new look, can really drive the company to success. I believe Park and Madison has a strong enough company and budget to be able to afford to place these ads on different social media platforms. With the many Ideas I proposed I know that Park and Madison can benefit from them in many ways.

White Label Social Network for P&M

asoc.pngI feel that Park and Madison could benefit from implementing strategies using a white label social network. This type of social network can help the company target their products to their specific audience- women wanting designer fashions. Since the white label strategy targets a specific audience, if Park and Madison would go more in depth in using white label social networks, this could really benefit the company.

If I were to create a white label social network for Park and Madison I would implement many strategies targeting the specific customer they are aiming for. I would start with having everything on the social network apply to women looking for top designer trends. There is a small range of women and college students in Morgantown who wear designer fashions, but I feel that with a white label social network this could reach the target audience a lot better. Park and Madison would have to create a white label social network for each store that they have because each store targets different audiences. I would come up with ways that appeal to both college students and women of all ages to use on my social network, which can only help the company, not hurt it.

Some features on the white label social network would be keeping the network up to date, targeting the Morgantown area, and using advertisements and information on the network that will interest customers. Customers can access this network by after stopping in one of the Park and Madison locations, they can pick up an advertisement to sign up for “inside access” within the company. Someone can then run the network and accept these people interested in the company and keep them up to date on current events Park and Madison is having. I feel that the network could eventually lead into a mobile app if it is successful in the business. This can also help with the marketing and advertising of the business making it easier to access then having open it through a web browser. Overall, I think that by creating a white label social network for Park and Madison could be a great asset to the company.

LinkedIn: Park and Madison

linkedin.jpgPark and Madison does not have a LinkedIn account. I think that the business should get on any type of social media platform that is available to them. By creating a LinkedIn, Park and Madison can attract customers by many different strategies using the platform. Park and Madison can connect with many people who have designer, or any type of fashion interests.

Park and Madison can become active on LinkedIn in many ways. A good idea the business could consider doing is creating a weekly or monthly newsletter for the business to post on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most professional platform of social media and Park and Madison can reach more potential clients by getting their business out there on LinkedIn.

It would only help Park and Madison to create a LinkedIn account, not hurt the business. If Park and Madison could keep the account up to date and stay active on LinkedIn, they can only grow from there. Park and Madison can also connect with many people in the Morgantown area who have designer, fashion interests, or even people seeking a job in retail. I feel that if Park and Madison created a LinkedIn account it could really benefit the business in many ways.

People go on LinkedIn mostly to connect with future employers. If Park and Madison created a LinkedIn they could gain connections with clients, people interested in working for the business, and potential customers. Park and Madison can create fashion blogs and articles about their business and the fashion industry to post on their profile. In the about me section I would write something along the lines of this:

“Park and Madison Boutique is located in Morgantown, WV specializing in women’s designer fashions. Connect with us to keep up with current styles and trends discussed within our weekly posts! For more information follow us on twitter à @ParkandMadison, Facebook à and Instagram à @parkandmadison or shop at Also connect with us for more information on job opportunities and fill out, and bring in the application attached in our document section!”

Crisis’ In Small Businesses

135_Crisis-Communications-What-does-it-really-mean-Park and Madison just recently opened a new location on High Street downtown Morgantown. This location’s products are targeted towards college women and are more affordable than what the main location has to offer. A lot of college women view Park and Madison as a higher end retailer based on the image the Suncrest Center location gives off.

Park and Madison’s largest competitor, Figleaf, gives off the image of affordable, trendy clothing and is also located on High Street. Little does everyone know that Park and Madison’s High Street location and Figleaf have extremely comparable clothing and prices. Park and Madison has more higher end clothing with greater quality. Also, Figleaf comes before Park and Madison for most students who come down town and has much more of a variety of clothing.

A crisis can arise from this in ways Park and Madison can be losing potential business. With Figleaf having a larger variety and how the company is known to sell affordable prices can really injure Park and Madison’s business. Park and Madison needs to work on ways to express what they have to offer and come up with more efficient marketing strategies to get customers into their stores. Some of these examples can lead to crisis’ within the business that could shut Park and Madison down if they are not bringing in enough money to keep the High Street location running.

Some ways I would prevent crisis’ from happening is coming up with better marketing strategies and advertisements to make Park and Madison stand out from its competitors. All that Park and Madison would need is an introduction to a new and appealing product or advertisement that would interest people to come into their store. I would advertise using new strategies on all social media sites and also advertise through email and sending out coupons in the mail. I feel that using these platforms can help prevent a crisis from happening and also help drive success within the company.

Social Media Trend: Video Sharing


I feel that one of the most popular emerging trends on social media is video sharing. Now on almost every popular social media site you can upload and share videos among friends and followers. In these videos, social media users look for humor and will most likely view videos with eye-catching titles or captions. Many popular businesses and companies share clips of their commercials and advertisements by using video sharing as a newer marketing strategy. This was said to be one of the newest, greatest marketing strategies for businesses today (Walters). Video trends just recently became popular over the past year and are still continuing to grow. The only problem is that social media sites like, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine all have different time limits for videos.

Snapchat– up to 10-second videos

Twitter– up to 30-second videos

Instagram– up to 15-second videos

Facebook– no limit on videos

Vine– up to 6-second videos

This could be a minor issue for businesses because they will have to tailor each video advertisement to each social media site they are sharing it on. I do not think this will be a huge issue and I feel that video sharing is just going to continue to grow and advance on all social media sites.

Pertaining to my client, I feel that video sharing on social media can really help their business. Park and Madison Boutique needs to come up with many ways using video advertisements to share on all their social media accounts. I feel that with using videos, as a new marketing strategy will be attention grabbing to many new and current potential customers. Park and Madison will be able to leverage this new way of marketing in many ways. Some ideas could be making short videos or clips of people modeling their new collections, showcasing top tends and styles, or interviewing and videoing customers on things they love about what Park and Madison has to offer.

One update Park and Madison could use is one of the ideas for short videos that I expressed above. Park and Madison’s newest collection can be advertised and marketed in a new way by making a short video of people modeling the collection in their store. This video can be shared on all social media sites and will definitely gain attention from people because this is a new strategy they can use. Park and Madison needs to come up with ways to grab peoples’ attention, and their success using video sharing will just grow from there.


Super Bowl 50


During large events like the Super Bowl, small businesses and nonprofit organizations should participate in advertising and marketing campaigns to try and interest people on what they have to offer. Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is not only a time for the largest football game of the year, but it is also a time for the some of the greatest advertisements and commercials to be introduced. Also in times like the Super Bowl, many people are keeping up with social media and interacting with each other about current events throughout the game. The Super Bowl would be a perfect time for small businesses and nonprofit organizations to get involved and create campaigns, or ways to get people interested in what they have to offer. Small companies should utilize all sources of social media and introduce new campaigns during these times like the Super Bowl. These companies should try to tie in topics that deal with the game or introduce products with advertisements pertaining to Super Bowl 50. For example, a local restaurant that isn’t doing so well and needs more business could run a special dealing with the super bowl on twitter like, ‘Retweet what team you think is going to win, and get a free appetizer if your team wins!’. Promotions like this will get people into your business because who doesn’t like free things!

I would like my client to get involved on all social media sites and come up with ways to bring more people into the business I am working with. I would come up with a certain promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram saying something along the lines of ‘If you saw this post during the Super Bowl share it, then come in with proof and receive 30% off your whole purchase!’. Another example could be a promotion like I expressed before, about retweeting something on Twitter and getting a certain reward for doing so. There are many other times I would have my small business send out certain promotions and campaigns on social media during large events other than the Super Bowl. Times like the Grammys, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Presidential debates, and other large national events would be great times to get more involved on social media. Times like these are when most people are on social media and are trying to interact about certain occurrences throughout these events. I would have my businesses social media accounts keep up with what is happening and tie promotions into these events in attention catching ways. I feel that with the right engagement with customers and our target audience, my business can introduce a new exciting promotion that will get people involved and interested in our business. With the right strategies and promotions during these high volume, social media times, this can be start to a greater success to my small business!

Park and Madison Social Media Campaign

p&mFor my social media campaign, I chose Park and Madison Boutique as my small business. Park and Madison is a women’s clothing store here in Morgantown. There are only two locations of the store, one on High Street, and the other in the Suncrest Town Center. Park and Madison specializes in providing a variety of women’s top trends in designer fashion. For more information on Park and Madison refer back to my last post!

There are not many women’s retail stores here in Morgantown that specialize in top designer trends. Park and Madison’s target market is focused towards young adults and college women. Figleaf is a women’s boutique also located on high street, which I feel is the only and biggest competitor for Park and Madison. Figleaf sells similar products at cheaper prices than Park and Madison. The quality of Park and Madison’s clothing is better but pricier, making it harder to get college students to shop there. Figleaf also offers more of a variety and has many stores other than the one in Morgantown, which makes the company’s marketing stronger. From a marketers perspective I feel that Figleaf does worse than Park and Madison in advertising their products on campus. Also, Figleaf has cheaper prices and lower quality products than Park and Madison. Park and Madison has a few different ways of marketing their products through social media. The company has a website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which helps them connect with customers and market their products. I feel that Park and Madison can do so much more to market their products and get people in their store, which is why I chose this company for my social media campaign. Park and Madison engages their target audience by keeping their social media and website up to date, as well as posting pictures on Instagram of their new trendy arrivals. I plan to keep up with the latest products and Items Park and Madison stores offer and also create a campaign that can really make the company stand out and drive sales.


Instagram: parkandmadison


Twitter: @ParkandMadison

Social Media in Small Businesses


Park and Madison Boutique is a small business located here in Morgantown. This boutique offers a large variety of different designer collections and is one of the only high-end retailers in town. Park and Madison has only two store locations, one in the Suncrest Town Centre and the other on High Street.

Marketing for a small business can be tough, especially if there are only a few store locations. Many factors tie into why social media is so important for marketing in small businesses. Being that there are only two Park and Madison stores, the company has to utilize all social media sites to market their store and products.

With the help of social media, Park and Madison can reach their target market, young adults, through marketing their products on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Marketing on social media is one of the best strategies for Park and Madison because most of their customers are using these sites daily. Social media also benefits small businesses in ways that it is their main source for marketing and it frees the costs that go into global advertising. Also, Park and Madison wouldn’t really benefit from worldwide advertising because they only have two local stores and are mainly targeting people in the Morgantown area.

I believe that there are better ways companies can use social media for marketing in smaller businesses. I think that every business would have their own strategies on using social media, but for a store like Park and Madison, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are definitely the most beneficial. I feel that using these social media sites is the best way for Park and Madison to target their “ideal” college customer and bring more success to their company!

Marc Jacobs Model Campaign


This campaign was created to find a new face to model for Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 contemporary collection. For this campaign, all the contestants were to post a picture on Twitter or Instagram of themselves and hashtag #CastMeMarc. The ideas from this campaign were formed by the new creative director to create a new, different way to introduce Marc Jacobs’ newest collection.

There are many highlights that reflected the Marc Jacobs model campaign. This campaign helped market the Marc Jacobs label and products, and also brought in new customers wanting to buy the brand. This also gave contestants the chance to become a model,  as well as help build their self-confidence. Another highlight from the campaign was that the winner was featured in Teen Vogue August 2014 edition.

The Marc Jacobs model campaign was extremely successful in many ways. Not only did the company bring in more sales, but it also gave everyone an opportunity to become something they never thought they could. With over 70,000 entires submitted, we can see how successful the campaign actually was!

Overall I thought this campaign was extremely beneficial in many ways. From the amount of participants, growth in sales, and the many other aspects involved, I feel the Marc Jacobs company could not have done anything more to make the model campaign a complete success!